A tale of signs

After more than two months living in the US and with the big things out of the way I’m starting to have time to find the more subtle differences between the US and Europe. This post is a collection of signs that I saw yesterday while I was photowalking through San Francisco with Loes.

Does this imply that kids may randomly start flying around and hitting innocent cars? Does it mean that you have to be careful because there are kids playing around? Do you have to be careful because they are on mobile war machines?
I don't do drugs but this clearly tells me that if I want drugs I can find them there.
This is how I felt several years ago while I was in high school.
So, that means that I should respect my dog's freedom and let him walk by himself, right?
Whenever I see one of these two thoughts cross my mind: 1984 and the idea that sneaky bored people are watching me from the corners of nearby windows.
This conjures on me the idea of a devilish invisible D&D hand that is going to push me into a cliff.
Many Japanese Kanji are composed by simpler kanjis that get combined together. This sign was spotted in Japantown, the San Francisco's Japanese neighborhood. I don't think this is just a coincidence.
We have a party, but we are monitoring the area for people who haven't been invited.
In Europe you don't usually see full grown men skateboarding, in the US you definitely do (and they are noisy).