About this site

Welcome to my personal site. Here you will find articles about topics that I find interesting and that I want to understand better.

This site has 3 sections:

  • Blog: posts that I don’t update once I publish them. Main topics: travel, life and D&D adventures.
  • Notes: regularly updated and heavily interconnected notes on various topics. I write them for my future self so they might look incomplete or incomprehensible to you. Some people call this a personal wiki, a digital garden or a second brain.
  • Forecasts: predictions about systems that I want to understand better, which right now is mainly the stock market. The tool I use is nodeled on ideas from Superforecastering by Philip Tetlock.

About me

I was born in the 80s in Spain.

As a teenager I didn’t find alcohol, loud music and “hanging out” interesting. Instead I felt attracted to roleplaying games, video games, programmin, comics, esotericism, yoga and meditation.

After high school instead of entering university I decided instead to start working because “I knew enough” and I didn’t want to waste time learning what I thought were useless ideas that wouldn’t help me create things. I joined a consulting company that went bankrupt when someone stole millions and ran away to the Cayman Islands. I then co-founded a tiny website-generator-for-small-businesses type of startup and worked there for a year or two but eventually left due to disagreements with the other co-founder. At that point I saw more clearly the limits of my circle of competence and the limited number of options I had, and I decide to go to university because I wanted to get better at building software.

During that time I started blogging here, I created a gaming community called gamersmafia.com, and I also built a science and technology news site with my girlfriend at the time called laflecha.net. I’m grateful for these experiences because I met other people like me and I was able to channel my energy in a creative and very fulfilling way that brought me immense amounts of flow and meaning.

During my university years I spent a year in Japan which opened my eyes to a very different culture and way of living, a summer internship at CERN and a year studying in a hardcore US university. Those experiences highlighted the edge of my circle of competence and also made me aware of more ways to give meaning to life.

After university I joined Google and spent a decade living in Ireland, the US, Switzerland and Andorra and working on various software projects related to machine learning, spam and abuse fighting and data visualization. Thanks to Google I have been able to travel to many countries, I’ve met incredibly skilled and inspiring people with very different value systems, work and communication styles. I have also struggled with stress, anxiety, meaning, and I have been granted the opportunity to make many mistakes. I feel deeply grateful to have been granted this experience, opportunities to grow and freedom.

In the mid 2010s I also started investing in public companies to free up more time, understand the world a bit better, and improve my critical thinking, equanimity and deliberate practice skills. This is now one of my main interests.

Check my now page if you want to know what I’m currently doing. You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Github.