Cliffs of Moher

Our first stop of the day took place in front of this castle.

During the past few days I have travelling through Ireland. One of those trips led me to the west coast, more specifically to the Cliffs of Moher. We took a day tour that first stopped at a castle and at a very old dolmen. The castle wasn’t too big but the weather was really nice and it made the castle shine.

The Poulnabrone Dolmen.

Our second stop was at the Poulnabrone Dolmen. It was excavated in 1968 and radiocarbon dating suggests that it was constructed between 3800 and 3200 BC. I don’t know for how long will it last in that condition with all the rain and wind. The area surrounding the dolmen was very rocky giving it a very distinctive feel compared to the mantle of grass that covers the rest of Ireland.

The two white horses.

On our way to our final stop at the Cliffs of Moher we passed by these two white horses. According to our guide several years ago two men that were exploring a labyrinthic cave nearby got lost. They stayed in the cave for two days, they ran out of food and water and when they thought death was unavoidable a pair of white horses made of light appeared in front of them and guided them to the exit of the cave. Since then the families of those two men have come to this wall every year to paint the horses in this wall as a form of gratitude.

The jumping dog.

As we were approaching the cliffs we saw a big adult man with no kids in sight walking this dog. The dog was on an elastic leash and it was very light so every time it touched the floor it would jump towards the sky. A little bit surreal.

And here are the cliffs.
This is how farmers prevent cows from practising bungee.

The air on the cliffs was very crisp and the sights so breathtaking that I felt a little bit like when I was in the Montblanc. I heartily recommend anyone visiting Ireland to go to the Cliffs, it is by far the most beautiful place I have been to in the island.

A cow overlooking the county.

And a lovely trip ended shortly thereafter. Our bus got broken a few minutes after leaving the cliffs forcing us to stay for two more hours, a weird looking guy with long hair, scarf, coat, sweater and pants all made of dark corduroy had an accident with the ice cream of a busty giggling girl sitting behind him causing half of the bus to laugh and the tour guide started singing a patriotic Irish song at one point making for a very memorable trip.