Kilmainham Gaol

A few months ago I visited Kilmainham Gaol or The Jail of Kilmainham located in Dublin. I will leave the photos speak by themselves.

One of the internal corridors during the visit.
he jail seen from the outside.
And the jail from the inside. (I need to work on my creativity).
People on the death row would go to the church to receive their last blessings and then cross the door behind the altar to go thank the blesser.
The interior of one of the jails.
No ghosts in sight.
The door in the middle leads directly to the altar shown before. They hanged inmates right by the balcony and let them there for a few days to serve as a deterrent.
At one point in Irish history when the British were ruling the country they brought many Irish rebels to this jail and killed many of them. This monument right outside of the prison was built in honor of those who gave their life there trying to free Ireland.