Little details about Rome

Besides the big attractions that I mentioned in my previous post Rome also has a lot of details for those times when you are not in front of a several hundred tons architectural structure that is older than you and several generations of your ancestors.

Street performers were everywhere. Not just in Piazza del Popolo or Piazza Navona but in the middle of the street like the creepy silent red man with white face.
My subconscious tells me that I knew before going to Rome that they cut pizza in squares but I definitely hadn't seeing it before. My first thought when I saw it was: “Oh my god, they have so much pizza that they care more about where they put it than about the presentation.” And it felt good inside.
Loes saw this virginal detail on one corner a few streets away from Piazza Navona. As we will see below these decorations are not limited to the religious domain.
And this is one of the fountains from Piazza Navona, the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini, old Romans were definitely skilled making fountains.
But pigeons are the 21st century Roman vandals and they have perfected their technique of removing all dignity that some of the fountains and statues once had.
A calm and beautiful corner that we found while trying to get back to the hotel. The colors of Rome are deliciously rich and the atmosphere in some places was so special that you could very easily forget that you were in a big city surrounded by hundreds of people.
They have thought of everything :') I didn't know that Rome had such a great gaming spirit but it felt very good inside seeing that they consider Space Invaders on the same league as Bernini or Michelangelo.
At some point while navigating through the city and just by chance we looked to our right and we found this. The atmosphere was wonderful and I think it's the photo I love the most of the thousands that I have taken so far.
And to end this post here is another statue at sunset. For some reason the statue has what evidently is cap with an helix and is making a kung fu pose with skeletal arms. These Romans are crazy.