Ring of Kerry

A few weeks ago while I was travelling around Ireland I had the opportunity to do a day tour through the Ring of Kerry in the county of Kerry. I expected a lovely display of Irish nature but instead I found something of a different tone that is best exemplified by the following photo:

A goat king turned to stone, probably by a medusa. I met him during our first stop of the day.

However bizarre some of the following photos appear there was indeed some nature on sight but we weren’t too lucky and the rain and the clouds didn’t help bringing it its beauty.

That first stop mentioned above took place in the representation of an ancient village of the county where we learnt how families whose economies based on turf made their living.

The only place in the village without turf.

After that stop we continued our bucolic trip. The next interesting thing that we saw was the castle shown in the next photo. The owner was a lady whose main purpose in life seemed to be to get married in order to gain lands and money. At one point in her life her she was notified of the death of her husband in a heroic battle and she went to town the next morning in search of a new husband.

No wonder why her castle looks haunted.

The next photos summarize my impressions of the Ring of Kerry:

Lovely view of the sea. The randomly distributed pneumatics gave the beach its own unique personality.
A few meters after the pneumatic beach an statue of Charles Chaplin greeted me.
Four neolithic stones defying gravity like tossed coins landing on their edges.
Another neolithic structure whose purpose has long left my memories.
A rock collage.
And to top it all: “The Way the Fairies Went”. This sign marked the entrance to a small area where three ziggurats and several little paths invited you to take a walk through Irish imagination.

The trip was definitely interesting although quite different than what I had heard.