D&D Campaign Season 5 (2013)

S05 – Cast and Locations

Jan 12, 2014
1. Player Characters (PCs) and companions Ada: female half-elf scoundrel rogue. Albrecht: male human paladin. Fenna: female elf druid. Mara-kai: female genasi warlord 2. Companion Non-player Characters (NPCs) Dave: male gnome paladin. Gru: Dave’s pony received as a gift after freeing Happy Fume village from Smiley Bob. Benji: grey wolf with a knack for biting mummies. Doubles as Ada’s ride. 3. Non-player Characters (NPCs) Ailah: female elf nun who works at Oreling’s Temple of the Forest.

S05E11 – Lauranthal’s Wedding

Jan 12, 2014
The group starts outside the main temple of Arana minutes before the wedding ceremony between Lauranthal and Rilien takes place. Malon approaches Fenna and Ada who were trying to get closer to Lauranthal, thanks them to come to the wedding and wishes them a nice after-party. As soon as the part of the ceremony that officially makes Lauranthal and Rilien married is over guards start approaching the group from all sides.

S05E10 – Misty archways

Jan 11, 2014
Vignette fades in: Baldur, a prison guard, is killing time thinking about his family. One of the prisoners, an old humanoid, starts talking to him and quickly gets to the topic of his wife and the future of his son. The prisoner offers Baldur a thousand gold pieces if he helps him break out of the prison. Baldur isn’t impressed with the offer but, a few minutes later, the shrewd old man convinces him and they concoct a plan.

S05E09 – The Tomb of Osirik

Nov 30, 2013
The group starts the session inside the stronghold’s courtyard. They have just killed some spiders and a hex knight and barely escaped a limping demon abomination. Inside the courtyard the cultists appear to doing a spring cleaning session. Huge piles of dirt lie all over the place which allow the group to sneakily get into the main building and into the prison. Once at the prison they find two guards. After disposing of one of them they muffle and put the other in a cell.

S05E08 – The Stronghold of Osirik

Nov 17, 2013
Vignette fades in. The session starts with a flashback to earlier that day. Draugdur and Arancon, two new recruits from the cult Lolth, the goddess of deception, trickery and spiders, have just arrived to Arana. Gondyan, a more seasoned cultist, is their host. Draugdur appears to have an unhealthy obsession with spiders while Arancon has joined the cult in order to find a friend who joined the cult months ago.

S05E07 – Death at the Temple

Nov 10, 2013
After the ominous encounter with the undead elf, the group continues their journey to Arana. On their way there they meet a green dragon called Kayfan who has been asked to devour them. However she is a music lover who doesn’t get to listen to anything but screams and she offers to fly the group to Arana in time to attend Lauranthal’s wedding if they sing her four songs that she likes.

S05E06 – Interrupted Ritual

Nov 6, 2013
Vignette fades in. We are at Rar’am, the remote village where a genasi female named Mara-kai lives. In it her human father suddenly becomes very ill. While Mara-kai is wondering what to do she witnesses a Prophecy passage appearing in a patch of grass in front of her: A frozen throne A winter in flames A time is to come For innocents to suffer

S05E05 – The Battle of Gromsson Fortress

Oct 6, 2013
Following the directions of the kobolds the PCs arrive to the Gromsson entrance to the mountains. They arrive just in time to see Ururl arriving to the gate and going inside laughing with the guards who appear to know him. A bit later, while the group is still deciding what to do, a group of dwarves who was hidden near the entrance break their cover by throwing fireballs at the gate and running towards it.

S05E04 – Kobold Refugees

Oct 6, 2013
When the PCs arrive back to the temple they meet Ada, a female elf, and her wolf, Benji. After realizing they have common interests Ada decides to join Fenna and Dave. The PCs also learn there that the person who attacked the temple has tricked a powerful earth titan called Gork into attacking the Gromsson clan, one of the two dwarven powers in the nearby mountains. Gork is already heading in that direction and the elf priest informs them of the negative consequences that the other dwarven clan, the Edebor, destroying the Gromsson would have.

S05E03 – The Third Heart

Oct 6, 2013
When the PCs arrive to the Temple of Kirill it is all swampy and quiet. They are ambushed by a group of undead swimming creatures and a big wolf. After the PCs dispose of them they find the only survivor left who updates them on what happened. The temple has a gate to the earth elemental plane. Three earth stones keep the gate open, two of them in this plane and the third one in the earth elemental plane.